Paraggina Tender Line

Elegant, unmistakable lines and a large, cosy cockpit

A fast, sophisticated boat to enjoy with friends

Paraggina Tender Line is the evolution of the original Paraggina 10 project. It was requested by customers who wanted a boat that, still maintaining the elegant lines of all the other units in production (Utility Portofino, Corvetta 24 e Paraggina 10) and above all not giving up on Paraggina 10's speed, had a much larger cockpit, to make it cosier for big groups of passengers.

Our boatyard wanted to indulge this type of clientele, allowing them to spend long days at sea in the best of comfort and conviviality. This was the input given to Eng. Edoardo Tonani, who designed it.

The result is incredible: the pilot area has moved ahead, making space in the cockpit, slightly reducing the internal cabin which remains comfortable and makes Paraggina Tender Line perfect for outings of several days. Fast and elegant, but sporty at the same time, Paraggina Tender Line won the hearts of our new customers, who have found an alternative to the classic Paraggina 10.

In addition, in the same way as with Paraggina 10, in Paraggina Tender Line the boat owner is free to customise the entire layout of the cockpit and the interiors.

Luxurious woods for entirely customisable furnishings

As in every other craft made by our boatyard, timber species are the central theme of the boat's detailing and furnishings. Leading role have teak and mahogany, that the boat owner can choose and pair according to their taste.

The cockpit area includes:
sunbathing benches with cushions and peaks for stowage;
kitchen unit, with stove and induction hob upon request, sink and refrigerator;
bar area;
a sturdy table that can be quickly shut down to increase the sunbathing area;
• the pilot seat.

The cockpit also features a large compartment where all the electrotechnical equipment is stored, leaving space for even more stowage.

A broad stern platform for bathing and mooring is easily accessible by the door astern; also, the platform includes a convenient ladder for bathing.

The ample windscreen, with a steel structure, shields not only the pilot post but also part of the cockpit. Inside it there is a large, elegant foldable capote that, sliding on rails, brings shadow to the desired section of the deck.

The deck outfit makes manoeuvring easier even with a limited crew, also thanks to its ergonomic layout designed to ensure ease of use.

The engine power relies on two 220Hp diesel straight shaft groups, accessible via the central hatch with electrohydraulic lifting.

The design of the bow awards a great sailing trim, optimised by stern flaps that allow a pleasant sailing even in choppy seas; the bow thruster and the double engine make every manoeuvre easier.

The hull and deck are made of hand lay-up fibreglass, with reinforcement structural cage and forepeak bulkhead.


Technical specifications

Materiale/ Material VTR e legno/ VTR and wood
Lunghezza / Length mt. 9.98
Lunghezza al gall./ Length mt. 9.70
Lunghezza f.t./ Length overall mt. 11.00
Larghezza / Beam mt. 3.22
Larghezza f.t./ Max beam mt. 3.50
Altezza scafo/ Hull width mt. 2.70
Immersione max./ Maximum draft mt. 0.80
Dislocamento/ Displacement kg. 6.200 ca
Carburante/ Fuel Capacity lt. 600
Acqua/ Fresh water lt. 300
Motore/ Power YANMAR 2x220Hp (opp.2x240Hp) eb turbodiesel
Altezza max in cabina/ Max height in cabin mt. 1.70
Persone trasportabili/ Passengers 10
Categoria navigazione/ Classification B
Omologazione/ Classifica CE
Cabine/ Cabin 1
Posti letto/ Berths 2
WC 1
Progetto/ Project Ing. Edoardo Tonani


Paraggina Tender Line test
Paraggina Tender Line navigation test
Paraggina 10 Tender Line engine area